Arizona Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsIn the state of Arizona, the construction industry, in reference to building, home construction, road construction and other major projects has continually increased since 2011. While financial difficulties have plagued the state for several years, construction has suffered minimally. An incline of 2.7-percent in construction related services was seen in the last quarter of 2012. The construction industry is expected to see an additional increase of 5 - 7-percent before the year 2014 in Arizona. Associations and regulator groups are in place for the protection of both the workers and consumers.


As the most reliable source regarding construction workers in Arizona, the Arizona Construction Association works to make advances to the construction industry as well as growing the economy. Contractors and subcontractors of all trades within the industry are encouraged to become affiliated. The association can be contacted by phone at (602) 246-8627 or visit their website

The American Subcontractors Association of Arizona works to inform construction workers of safety regulation changes as well as local and state construction budget issues. It also ensures that OSHAA standards are followed primarily with subcontractors. The association also teaches construction business owners how to keep their employees sage. This association can be contacted via phone at (602) 274 - 8979 or online

Arizona Partnership for Construction Careers creates working relationships between construction workers and other skilled trade workers. These relationships are then extended to work with local schools for their construction and construction education needs. The partnership can be contacted via phone at (602) 274-8222 as well as at


The most influential association associated with contractors in Arizona is the Arizona State Contractors Coalition. This is a group of associations that work together to monitor proper licensing and laws in the state. Arizona State Contractors Coalition can be contacted via the Contact Us tab on their website at

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors is in place to offer contractors a means of renewing their licensing online as well as providing support to consumers in regards to hiring or reporting contractors. They can be contacted by phone at (602) 542-1525 or online

The Associated Minority Contractors of America AZ works to educate contractors, specifically in minority groups, on the proper procedures for placing bids as well as general work ethics. This is the most reputable resource for independent contractors or sub-contractors to learn the proper way to handle business situations. To contact AMCA, you can call (602) 495-0026, view the website or visit their office directly at 4350 E. Camelback Rd., Suite A100, Phoenix, AZ 85250.

You can also find many of the above associations' members on ESFS, especially for major cities such as Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Yuma.


The Air Conditioning Contractors of America in Arizona is an association of contractors that specialize in air conditioning services. This group of contractors is 4,000 members strong and growing. The mission of the group is to improve the way that services are provided by maintaining and surpassing industry standards. This association can be contacted via phone at (602) 298-5454 or via their website

The Arizona chapter of SMACNA, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association, is recognized as a group that uses innovation and technology to use sheet metal for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The workers within this association also test air conditioning units and sheet metal applications for safety. The technicians are also able to teach consumers and businesses about energy efficiency. SMACNA can be contacted by requesting to speak with Carol Goguen at (602) 734-0214 and online

PHCC, or Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association of Arizona is an advocate for contractors in these trades and has been since 1883. It is the oldest and most reputable trade organization in the entire construction industry. As a part of this association, all members are part of a federation that includes local, state and national associations. The PHCC of Arizona can be contacted by calling (623) 486-3324.

The associations and organizations listed above have assisted construction industry leaders in Arizona for decades. Many of these organizations also work with homeowners and contractors themselves to help issues to be resolved as well as connecting the right professional with a specific project. These are also the most trusted individuals in their skilled trades that do maintain proper licensing and stay up-to-date on safety regulations. With the ever growing construction industry in Arizona becoming more competitive it is important for other industries and businesses to keep themselves properly educated and informed to select the right industry leader for their project.

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