Arkansas Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThe Arkansas construction industry has a state contractors licensing board that protects citizens of Arkansas against unskilled construction workers. The licensing board's purpose is to ensure the contractor has the skills and competency to work in the industry. The state law requires home improvement contractors to become licensed before they perform work that is valued over $2,000 (including labor and materials). Homeowners who perform their own home contractor work are exempt from the licensing rule.

Home Improvement Contractors

Subcontractors who work for licensed contractors are also exempt from this rule. Contractors who have a commercial license for home improvement are allowed to perform residential work without additional licensing. Arkansas has two types of home improvement contracting licenses. A limited home improvement license allows the contractor to perform work less than $20,000. If you are performing work over $20,000, then you need an unlimited home improvement license. However, you must perform only work that coincides with a home improvement contractor license.

If you are applying for an unlimited home improvement license, then you must show proof of worker's compensation insurance to the licensing committee. This is not required for a limited home improvement license. There is a lot of information found on the state's licensing committee's website.

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Painting Contractors

Painting contractors in the state of Arkansas work for governments, businesses and individual residents. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America is a national organization that has existed since 1884.

The A. E. Robert Friedman PDCA scholarship is awarded to high school or college freshmen students who want to pursue a career as a painting or decorating contractor. Applicants do not have to be a member of PDCA, but they must be nominated by a member. They cannot be older than 26. They also must use the grant towards technical or college studies. The scholarships are awarded by the PDCA's trustees. You can read their bylaws and policies online. The organization has over 100 chapters located throughout the nation. The PDCA also has over 25 councils throughout the country where members can network. The council events offer education and training opportunities for painting and decorating contractors. The PDCA offers a copy of its membership handbook online.

The PDCA gives annual awards to its members for outstanding achievements at their expo. PDCA members have obligations to the public by following the bylaws and policies. They must offer their customer high-quality work using progressive and efficient materials. They must also faithfully fulfill their contracts when working on a job. PDCA members must follow all federal, state and local rules and regulations. They must strictly follow the code of ethics set forth by the PDCA committee. The PDCA has an online store where you can buy training videos on DVD. The networking opportunities for a PDCA member is a great way to increase your customer base.

You can join this national organization by filling out the application found on their website. There are over 2,000 painting and decorating contractors across the country who are members. Membership shows customers that you are a part of a professional organization with high standards. Customers can search for your business by going to their website. Most people are looking for a contractor they can trust. Being a part of the organization shows the customer you are willing to go the extra mile. Networking at trade shows and expos is a great way to learn more about the painting and decorating industry.

The organization is based out of Reno, Nevada. The PDCA offers helpful information on their website about the latest industry news. You can visit them online at

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