California Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsCalifornia is home to some of the most expensive and innovative homes in America. Home construction and remodeling contractors have to use new technology and lavish materials to satisfy picky, trend conscious consumers.

California's home construction and remodeling industry was greatly influenced by the down economy of the mid 2000s, maybe more than other states. The value of homes dropped significantly in high price areas like Beverly Hills and Malibu. Real estate investors needed ways to increase the desirability of their properties. So, they turned to remodeling contractors to renovate homes, increase their desirability and fetch a higher price.

To meet the additional demands of a change housing market, the home construction and remodeling industry has had to adapt to the top consumer trends.

California is very environmentally conscious and their interest in green building technology is high. It is important for contractors to adopt environmentally friendly technology that won't damage the planet while retaining comfort, efficiency, and use of lavish materials.

California residents also lead very busy lives. In their microwave lifestyles they demand immediate results. Thus the state's contractors have to find ways to deliver quality work and materials in less time and stay within a budget.

Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors Association

For 120 years the PHCC has provided resources, training, and promoted the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry as a science and profession. The organization gives members a forum to share their experiences and expertise with other members during PHCC sponsored trade shows, conventions and conferences. PHCC membership is open to contractors of any size company and independent contractors who perform residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional projects.

To accomplish their mission of educating the HVACR industry on improved health, safety, and environmental issues the PHCC offers a series of educational programs and workshops. Their federally registered CAPHCC Journey Level certification test and preparation course gives graduates advance knowledge of the industry when compared to those who did not enroll in the program. Graduates are considered professional, credibility, and have increased earnings. The 4 year program consists of 800 classroom hours and 7200 field hours. It is overseen by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Department of Labor Apprenticeship.

The PHCC has training schools in most major California cities. Plus, the local branches of the PHCC has training 14 week courses to help area plumbers increase knowledge of latest technology. For more information visit the website

Western Electrical Contractors Association

The WECA is a statewide non-profit association for electrical contractors and their employees. The independent electrical contractors association defends workers' right to compete in a fair open work environment throughout California and receive a fair pay. Their current involvement in government labor affairs is to ensure its electrical contractors and merit shop workers' labor interests are met statewide.

When the WECA was established in 1929 it was known as the Electrical Contractors and Dealer Association of Sacramento. Later that year it was renamed the Sacramento Electragists. In 1937 they incorporated. And, in 1946, they became charted as the Sacramento Valley Chapter, NECA. But, because of their use of non-union contractors, the national NECA wanted to revoked their charter. In 1990, after years of lawsuits and continued use of non-union contractors, the Sacramento Valley Chapter of the NECA had its charter revoked and were forced to change their name to the Western Electrical Contractors Association.

As the WECA, the organization pursued and established a state approved apprenticeship program called the Association's Commercial Apprentice Training Program. Visit for more details.

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Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

The SRCC represents over 65,000 union carpenters in the southwestern United States and is based in California. It began as a consolidation of smaller carpentry councils in the region to eventually become the largest council in the brotherhood. Their mission is to promote improved craftsmanship as the road to success in the carpentry industry. They encourage skill development through additional training and established the Southwest Carpenters Training Fund and 19 training centers.

The Southwest Carpenters Training Fund was established to offer enrollees a certification program that is combined classroom instruction and on the job training. They also offer individual classes in welding, concrete forms, blueprint reading, and scaffold erection.

The SRCC, who is also associated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, believes that carpentry is part of a proud American tradition of craftsmen that help build the nation's schools, homes, roads, and offices. To ensure their contributions are valued by society, the SRCC strives to keep carpenters among the best trained craftsmen in the home construction and remodeling industry.

SRCC can be contacted on (213) 385-1457 or online at

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