Florida Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsFlorida's stagnate economy has remodeling contractors focusing on functionality instead of grandeur these days. Homeowners are spending more money on family rooms and less on creating luxury kitchens and bathrooms. Because of Florida's weak job market more people are setting up home-based businesses to supplement existing jobs or as their main source of income leading to many people converting unused rooms into home offices.

Currently the smaller house is making a comeback throughout Florida. This marks a significant change from a few years ago when bigger was better. Florida also has a large population of seniors who prefer a smaller home. And contractors are adjusting to the needs of this market by making smaller homes that are more accessible. Accessibility is a major problem for most seniors. They need fewer stairs, wider doors, lower counters and storage areas, modifications to bathrooms, and low maintenance landscaping. This has forced contractors to change the way they approach conventional home remodeling.

The city of Miami seems to have survived the economy because of global real estate companies from Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Argentina coming to invest in the building of casinos, resorts, and condos. Projects backed by foreign investors have kept the commercial and residential building and remodeling industry in Miami bustling.

South Florida Associated General Contractors

The SFAGC is the largest and the oldest organization for general contractors in the United States. The national chapter was founded in 1918 at the request of President Woodrow Wilson. It was the government 's way of giving recognition to the importance of the construction industry. Over the years, the partnership gave the organization the reputation of being an authority on issues concerning industry, education, technology, and having legislative power. And, the SFAGC also keeps the president and congress informed of industry views on current issues.

The Florida chapter of the AGC was established in 1922 and is the oldest contractor organization in the state. Its members work hard to maintain the principles of skill, integrity, and responsibility the organization was founded on. To prepare contractors for the 21st century the SFAGC has sponsored a national e-Commerce seminar on developments in computer technology and the construction industry. They also help contractors achieve and retain their state licensing with low cost continuing education courses. Their apprenticeship programs gives contractors their basic skills training plus testing for their OSHA certification.

The Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida

The association is a nonprofit trade organization serving roofing contractors in Dade and Broward Counties. Their members serve on code bodies, as advisers, and promote the roofing industry as equal to other construction trades. Part of promoting the roofing industry involves volunteering in convention planning, educational seminars, inputting opinions on state, federal and regional building codes. Some RCASF members are currently serving on the Florida Building Code Commission and the International Code Council.

Roofing contractors can benefit from joining the organization when they access the RCASF's well trained staff who is ready to assist them with their problems. Contractors can meet other contractors and expand their network of contacts at seminars on roof system performance, design, safety, installation, asbestos certification, attending continuing education course on state licensing and OSHA requirements.

The organization also offers its members business tools to help save them money. The RCASF provides special insurance for roofers giving them the ability to self fund which helps controls the cost of premiums. Their special credit union for member companies offers low cost loans, debit cards, savings plans, and payroll deductions.

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