Georgia Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThere are five divisions that make up the Georgia Construction Industry licensing boards. The Division of Electrical Contractors, the Division of Conditioned Air Contractors and The Division of Utility Contractors. There is also The Division of Low Voltage Contractors and The Division of Master and Journeyman Plumbers.

The Governor appoints the board members for a term of four years. There are also two consumer members in addition that are not related with the construction industry. It is the Board's intent to protect consumers from faulty construction installations by regulating this industry. You can obtain your application for a licensed Utility Foreman by going through their website. They accept a variety of payment options for your convenience. The website makes it easy to download a variety of applications.

Georgia HVAC Industry

The Conditioned Air Association of Georgia is a large organization that is dedicated to the HVAC industry. This non-profit organization represents heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors working in the state of Georgia. Organization members are committed to a high-quality work ethic to their customers. The organization was founded in 1980, and remains the largest HVAC organization in the state.

There are 23 chapters, and over 900 members serving residential and commercial customers. Membership benefits include keeping up with the latest news and technology within the industry. CCAA supports its members by providing continuing education courses. The organization also has a voice on Capitol legislation matters. CCAA is dedicated to reducing the amount of unlicensed contractors within the state. Joining this organization will also keep you current with the latest codes and regulations. They also provide training and innovative ideas to improve your skills.

CCAA offers meetings and conferences throughout the year, and gives you opportunities for additional training. You will also have a variety of networking opportunities by joining this organization. They provide emails and newsletters to keep their members informed about changes within the industry. You can contact the organization by going to their website at

Georgia Roofing Contractors

The Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Georgia is a non-profit organization that benefits contractors within the state of Georgia. This organization also represents the entire industry including contractors, suppliers and manufacturers of roofing materials and services. The RSMCA is dedicated to providing education and other resources to its members. This organization is also an affiliate of The National Roofing Contractor Association. You can visit their website at The RSMCA also provides networking opportunities at local trade shows, meetings and other events.

This organization also supports customers who want to check on a roofing company. The RSMCA maintains records of their members for the benefit of all consumers. Membership benefits include being informed of the latest OSHA rules and regulations. You will also receive training and safety classes that keep you informed about the latest technology. Organization membership allows you to use their logos on your marketing materials. The organization has an outstanding reputation in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Electrical Contractors

The National Electrical Contractors Association is one of the oldest and respected organization in the nation. The Atlanta chapter is dedicated to providing their electrical contractors access to the latest technology, news and training found in the electrical industry. You can contact a member of the organization on their website at The Atlanta chapter of the NECA was started in 1901. Its mission is to support, educate and represent electrical contractors in the state of Georgia. Their mission is to promote high-quality electrical contractor services to the community.

The AECA also provides information regarding employment and training opportunities to its members. They have a partnership with the Occupational Safety and Health Association. This organization promotes reducing the number of injuries found within the electrical contracting industry. Consumers can visit their website for a listing of members. The AECA also offer a number of helpful electrical contractor classes. The latest educational events and meetings are found on their website.

Educational topics include project planning, common safety issues and effective project scheduling. Membership benefits include networking opportunities, insurance information and marketing materials. They also assist their members in contract negotiations and administration. Their safety programs are offered at low costs, and you will find a few that are free. The AECA website offers helpful links to other electrical associations and trade groups.

The classes are held at their Atlanta location on North Peachtree Road. You will also find a helpful link to OSHA's website. This website is a valuable source for learning their safety rules and regulations. You will find helpful tips for safety, and learn more about the latest technology concerning electrical contractors. OSHA's website also contains information about hazard alerts, state programs and green jobs. Visit their website to file a complaint, volunteer or learn more about worker's rights.

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