Hawaii Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThe state of Hawaii requires general engineering, building, and specialty contractors to have a license. To qualify for a home building and remodeling contractor's license they must apply to the Contractors License Board for Specialty Trades. They cover industry workers such as roofing, plastering, carpentry, solar energy systems and other trades necessary for the completed building of a home. Contractors must have four years experience as a journeyman, foreman, supervisor or contractor and take the Hawaii licensing exam.

The Hawaii licensing exam contains two parts. The first part deals with basic business and law knowledge. Hawaii requires their contractors to have a knowledge of contract management, estimating and bidding, project management, labor laws, tax laws, and public works laws. The second part tests the applicant's knowledge on their specific trade.

Electricians and plumbers receive their licensing through the Board of Electricians and Plumber's Division of Professional and Vocational Licensing. A license is granted to them according to their work experience and training. In Hawaii, if an out of state contractor wishes to work in the state they will need a Certificate of Authority from the Business Registration Division.

Building Industry Association Hawaii

The statehood of Hawaii brought with it an opportunity to promote the construction industry in the newly formed state. The BIA of Hawaii was chartered as an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders Organization in 1955. They represent professionals from different parts of the building community such as developers, contractors, suppliers, realtors, architects, and financial institutions.

When a contractor joins the BIA they have to abide by the association's code of ethics. Members are expected to conduct business in a professional and skilled manner and uphold their responsibility to the industry by staying up to date on technology, laws, regulations, legislation, codes, public policies, and other issues that influence the industry. They are also expected to comply with local, state and federal health and safety rules and regulations.

The BIA believes in the continued education of their members through the Construction Training Center of the Pacific. It offers pre-apprenticeship level programs for entry level positions and continuing education courses for post apprenticeship workers. Their Pre-apprenticeship Construction Training (PACT) is a comprehensive vocation training program that gives participants the skills necessary for an entry level position. Their continuing education courses cover the latest technical advances in techniques and materials, management, safety and computer skills.

American Society of Interior Designers Hawaii

The trade association was formed to represent the influential trend setting designers located along the Pacific Basin. Their mission is to promote ethical practices, education, experience sharing, community building, outreach and advocacy so the construction industry and public will have a better understanding of the interior design industry. Their driving belief is that design can change a person's life.

The association has over 167 professional and allied design members and over 86 industry partners. The Hawaii chapter of the ASID is guided by an eight member board of directors. They believe the Hawaii chapter is the definitive resource for interior built environments in the Pacific Basin through their network of designers and other construction professionals in the basin.

Benefits of joining the organization include ASID sponsored educational events and leadership opportunities. In the past, they have lobbied for legislation to promote licensing in all states, consumer protection initiatives, and the right to practice training. Their members can access low cost group life, disability and professional disability insurance, management tools for business and projects, marketing support, and ASID referral service within the Pacific Basin. Looking for an interior designer? Get fast quotes here.

National Association of Home Inspectors

The non-profit association has been working for over 25 years to keep home inspection contractors informed of legislative changes in Hawaii that could influence their trade. Their network of inspectors have access to technical and business assistance, continuing education, and the ability to network with other home inspection contractors.

Currently, there are no state licenses or regulations for home inspection contractors in Hawaii, so a member's position in the association depends on their level of experience. An Associate Member is someone who has completed 40 hour training program and 20 inspections. A Regular Member has performed 100 inspections and is ready to take the Certified Real Estate Inspector's exam. And, a Certified Real Estate Inspector has inspected over 250 home and earned their certification as a home inspector.

Because home inspectors are not licensed, a certificate is important for an inspector. It lets the consumers know they have advance knowledge in home inspection technology, passed an exam and completed a certain number of field hours. To maintain their good standing in the program, an inspector must continue their education and receive annual reviews of their inspection reports. The NAHI believes that certification sets higher standard for home inspections. Inspectors receive training in land contaminates, ventilation and carbon monoxide, radon, common building defects, risk management, building codes, and basic construction.

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