Idaho Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsIdaho requires a work permit for all electrical, plumbing and HVAC work performed in the state. The Division of Building Safety is the department that enforces this policy. If a contractor does not request a permit before starting the job, then an Enforcement Permit is issued. The fees for an Enforcement Permit fines will double due to failure to request a permit.

You will find a lot of information about permits and licensing requirements on the website which also offers exam information, news room information and public records request forms. Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing contractors must be licensed.

Electrical Contractors

The Idaho Division of Building Safety regulates the licenses of all electrical contractors within the state. Contractors are tested to ensure they comply with state safety codes and electrical standards. A popular association that a lot of electrical contractors sign up with is the National Electrical Contractors Association. This organization is dedicated to helping electrical contractors located throughout the United States. They offer professional development programs, research information and helpful educational resources.

They offer conventions where members can attend and network with others in the industry. Conventions also give you the latest information about safety and health changes. The Safety Forum focuses on educating, training and best practices adopted and implemented within the electrical industry.

Rapid changes within the electrical industry gives conferences the opportunity to keep members informed. Most conferences, meetings and expos are held during the weekends. Sign up information is found on their website. Conference attendees also learn about any changes made by OSHA.

If you need an electrical contractor now you can search the NECA member directory or click here for quick quotes.

HVAC Contractors

Idaho's HVAC Program was created by the state to promote the safety, health and welfare of its citizens. The program is administered by the Idaho Division of Building Safety. They ensure HVAC contractors are qualified to perform service and/or installation work found in the industry. HVAC contractors must pass a test to become licensed in the state. Consumers can check the HVAC contractor's license number to verify they are licensed. Contractors are encouraged to carry general liability insurance and workers' compensation.

There are two large, national organizations that HVAC contractors can join. The National Air Duct Cleaners Associated found at The other organization is the Air Conditioning Contractors of America found at Membership benefits in organization includes a large variety of training programs, conferences and networking opportunities.

NADCA gives consumers helpful information. They can also find a qualified HVAC contractor by visiting their website. Quick links on their site includes a residential checklist, NADCA's ACR Standards and energy research papers.

NADCA also offers HVAC contractors certification programs. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America is a thriving national organization that offers contractors the latest in industry news, books and training software and instant online access to courses. The Business Solutions Conference for Indoor Environment Contractors is held each year.

The conferences cover key topics that most HVAC contractors face in the field. ACCA is the largest community of HVACR businesses located in the world. They serve members and thousands of contracting business owners each week. They provide intelligence and resources for key business people. Numerous opportunities exist for companies that want to reach this audience.

Roofing Contractors

The State of Idaho does not require roofing contractors to obtain a license at the state level. You should check with the county where you will work before starting a new roofing job. You may be required to obtain a permit in some counties. There are fines and penalties for contractors who perform work without required permits or licenses. The National Roofing Contractors Association is the largest association for roofing contractors. Membership benefits include educational opportunities, the latest in industry news and the opportunity to improve your skills.

Roofing materials change at a fast pace, and it is important to stay current on all roofing materials. You can learn more about this national organization by visiting their website at Many consumers look for roofing contractors who are a member of this organization. NRCA has a list of roofing contractors who are members on their website. They offer an online bookstore that makes learning more convenient. Education programs focus on current developments and the latest in cutting-edge technology within the industry.

NRCA University offers roofing professionals, building owners and manufacturers safety training and professional development. You can choose to customize your training opportunities to fit your schedule. Free safety training programs are provided through grants from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA courses ensure you are current with state and federal safety regulations.

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