Illinois Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThe Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is the department that issues license for a variety of contractor industries. General contractors do not need a license to work in the State of Illinois. However, specific counties may have their own policies and regulations. You should check with the county before accepting a contractor job. The website can be accessed by going to You will find a variety of information for licensing requirements and fees. In Cook county, all general contractors must register with the county if they work in unincorporated Cook counties. You can learn more information by going to

Roofing Contractors

The State of Illinois requires roofing contractors to become licensed. You must pass an exam and meet other requirements. You can find a downloadable information packet that has more roofing contractor licensing information by going to You can also request an exam application by calling 217-782-8556 during normal business hours.

Roofing contractors can also join the National Roofing Contractors Association by going to their website at This association is dedicated to roof deck, waterproofing and roofing contractors. They also provide membership support around the world. You can visit their bookstore to find a variety of educational and marketing materials. The bookstore also offers a NRCA roofing manual boxed set online. Their website is also a popular source for homeowners looking for reliable contractors. Consumers can find a wealth of helpful information about the roofing industry.

Sign up for the monthly newsletter that features the latest roofing industry news. The Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association is an excellent resource for installers of residential and commercial asphalt type roofing systems. ARMA can be found online by visiting You will find ARMA publications, bulletins and lots of other helpful information about the industry. Roofing professionals can find a list of asphalt manufacturers on the website. The page gives the manufacturer's name and more information about the company.

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Designers and Decorators

Designers and decorators in the state of Illinois can join local chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers by going to You will also find a knowledge center that will help you develop your skills. Read through the evidence-based whitepapers to discover the latest industry news.

The Interior Design Society will help you network, learn and be part of a group that promotes high-standards of designs. The IDS is an independent organization with over 3,000 members located in America. IDS has a chapter in Chicago that serves the Illinois area. Chapter membership gives you more networking opportunities that allow your company to grow.

Educational opportunities include webinars, conferences and educational tours. Correspondence courses give you basic design skills that will increase your knowledge if you are a beginner. Educational tours are often held out of the country so designers and decorators can experience a different culture.

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In Illinois landscape architects are required to pass the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE) exam and to complete 24 credit hours of continuing education relevant to landscape architecture each renewal period.

The Illinois chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects boats nearly 500 members. The society's website provides indepth information about the licensure program, continuing education and Illinois' landscape architect act as well as offering a member directory and other resources.

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