Kansas Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThe state of Kansas does not require most contractors to become licensed. However, if you are a contractor who specializes in asbestos abatement or water well drilling, then you must have a license. Even though the state level does not require most contractors to become licensed, you must check with the local level of government for licensing requirements. The contractor is also responsible for obtaining necessary permits before starting the job. Contractors must also have a business license for work such as demolition, signage and house moving. The best way to find out about contractor requirements is to call the Contractor Licensing Branch at 816-513-1500. You can also learn more by visiting their website at www.kcmo.org. The city of Kansas City lists their licensed contractors by license type. Permits are needed for HVAC services, electrical and plumbing.

HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors generally do not have to be licensed in most areas of the state of Kansas. However, before performing work in a particular county, you should find out by visiting the county's website. Most HVAC contractors can join national and regional organization and business associations that can help them network and gain new business.

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Lawn and Garden Contractors

Kansas has a lot of opportunities for lawn and garden contractors. You can join the Kansas Nursery and Landscape Association by visiting their website at http://www.kansasnla.org/. Membership gives you a variety of benefits such as network opportunities, education and the ability to grow your business. Sign up for their newsletter to stay informed of the latest industry news.

Their website also has a member directory where you can find the members' websites. If you would rather get several quotes to compare, you can use this site.

Roofing Contractors

Kansas roofing contractors usually stay busy within the state because of its wild and unpredictable weather. Hail and high-wind thunderstorms are not an uncommon occurrence in Kansas. These thunderstorms damage thousands of roofs each year. Whether you are a new roofing contractor to the state, or you want to grow your business, there is lots of work. The Kansas Roofing Association is a highly-respected organization where you can improve your roofing skills, learn more about the industry and network with other roofing contractors. Find out more on their website http://kansasroofingassociation.org/.

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