Kentucky Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsKentucky contractors are licensed by the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction. You can find them online by visiting The HBC is responsible for enforcing statewide standards for building construction. There are four divisions operating under the HBC. The Division of Building Codes Enforcement, Division of Plumbing, Division of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and the Division of Fire Prevention. HBC promotes a high level of accountability within the contractor industry. They require professional staffing at all levels and are responsible for keeping citizens informed about the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction's latest news and developments. The department is located in Frankfort, Kentucky. They can be reached by phone at 502-573-1057.

Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors must be licensed to perform electrical work in the state of Kentucky. However, maintenance workers who are performing routine maintenance of electrical systems do not have to be licensed. Kentucky also requires electricians to accumulate continuing education credits to be eligible for renewal of their license. The state of Kentucky issues a license to over 20,000 electricians each year. Electrical testing specifics can be found on the website.

Continuing education requirements can only be met by taking courses from approved providers. You can call 502-573-2002 for a list of approved education providers.

The Independent Electrical Contractors Association of Kentucky and Southern Indiana offers you the opportunity to attend meetings, events and gain access to licensing and education information. You can find their website at to learn more about membership benefits. The database has a list of members for consumers to search on their website.

You can also find many of the above associations' members on ESFS, especially for major cities such as Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green.

HVAC Contractors

The State of Kentucky requires HVAC contractors to obtain a license. The Division of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning regulates this industry and frequently holds Board meetings. You can reach the division's website by going to You will find a lot of information about testing, fees and regulations. The division is also responsible for enforcement, inspections and consumer complaints.

Roofing Contractors

The State of Kentucky has no licensing requirements for roofing contractors. However, Louisville and Lexington do require a license from the county. The Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association is dedicated to the education and growth of its members. You can visit their website at to learn more about their programs and membership benefits. They also maintain a Consumer Resource Center on their website for consumers to learn more about the roofing industry.

KRCA provides consumers with a certified contractor referral service. They also provide consumers with helpful advisory bulletins. Contractors who join KRCA are encouraged to become certified roofing contractors. You may also join as a regular member if you don't want to become certified. As a member of KRCA, you will have access to their services, meetings and educational materials.

The KRCA maintains a high rating from the Better Business Bureau serving Louisville, Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky. The organization was started in April, 1994. Certification requirements include liability insurance, bonding and 10 hours of approved continuing education courses each year. Certified contractors are also required to abide by a strict code of ethics. They must also stay current with industry changes and regulations. The newsletter coincides with the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. You can read archived copies of their newsletter on their website. You can have your newsletter sent to your home or office once you become a member.

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