Massachusetts Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsTo protect the residents of Massachusetts from scam contractors, the state has enacted the Home Improvement Contractor Law. The law was created in 1992 to regulate home remodeling practices. The law established an arbitration program for disputes and a Guaranty Fund for reimbursements when contractors do not pay a judgment against them.

Consumers are advised to select a contractor from the Board of Building Regulations and Standards. This will ensure they hire a qualified registered contractor. And, the Home Improvement Contractor Law will only cover work performed by registered contractors. Contractors including installers of central heating and air conditioning devices, energy conservation devices, above ground pool installers, fencing, landscapers, painters, and installer of floor coverings are not required to register with the state. Also, part time contractors with small jobs under $500 do not need to register.

The Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor Law gives consumers several options if they feel they have a dispute against a contractor. Mediation is the first option. It requires no attorney or going to court. Arbitration is the next option. The home improvement arbitration program gives consumers two years after signing a contract to file a complaint. The decision from the hearing is considered legally binding and can be appealed in court. The third option is court action. Consumers should use small claims for damages under $2,000 and District Superior Court for larger claims.

In the event a contractor does not pay the judgment against them, Massachusetts consumers have the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund. It reimburses consumers if a contractor does not pay the award. Consumers can apply for up to $10,000 of the actual losses. The contractor in turn is legally responsible for reimbursing the fund or they could lose their contractor's registration or face criminal prosecution.

Massachusetts Electrical Contractors Association, Inc.

The MECA has been in operation since 1936. It currently serves over 360 member contractors with one man shops or multi-worker shops. The network provides a forum for members to voice their concerns or receive guidance from more experienced members. Members can work together to improve working and economic conditions of electricians through communication, education, and legislation.

As a member of the MECA, contractors are entitled to receive the latest information on legislative initiatives, access to lower rate insurance plans for health, disability, workmens' compensation, and general liability. Members can also access training programs to receive or renew their licenses . Other benefits include monthly chapter meetings, business referrals, representation by a full time lobbyist on Beacon Hill, and free quarterly seminars.

In the past, MECA members have promoted the Statewide Electrical Permit, the Massachusetts Electrical Code, insurance coverage requirements , C & D licensing, and code interpretation. Get electrical contractor quotes here.

Mason Contractors Association of Massachusetts

The association's motto is "Speaking with One Voice." Their voice represents trowel trades workers in brick, block, stone, masonry paving, waterproofing, restoration and renovations. Their members receive the latest in technology advancements, code updates, and industry news.

The MCAM mission is to advance the market share and participation of union mason contractors in Massachusetts' construction industry. To accomplish this goal, they institute market research programs, apprenticeship training, legislation, labor relations, and other programs that address any issue with direct impact on Massachusetts' masonry industry.

MCAM also has the knowledge to assist designers, general contractors, and homeowners with cost saving, time management, tips on all phases of their building process. They assist architects and engineers in upfront planning on projects by making suggestions on the best construction techniques for their budgets. They aid general contractors during the building phase by providing skilled union craftsmen who have over 6,000 hours of training before they reach journeyman level.

Home Builders and Remodelers Association Massachusetts

The association holds the belief that every American family should own a home built with high safety standards and quality materials. Members of the HBRA believe in this ideal and pledge to uphold the principles of honesty in dealing with consumers, workers, subcontractors, suppliers, and home financing options.

The HBRA has six local chapters within Massachusetts which operate under a centralized governing body.

  • • The Bristol Norfolk Home Builders and Remodelers Association, Inc. is located in Foxborough, MA. and serves the southeastern area of the state.
  • • BACM Builders and Remodelers Association of Central Massachusetts is located in Worcester, MA. Founded in 1941, they serve contractors in central Massachusetts.
  • • BRAGB Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston is located in Waltham, MA and serves Boston and its surrounding communities. Since 1944, it has been one of Massachusetts important associations.
  • • HB&RACC Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod is located Hyannis, MA. The chapter has served professionals in the Cape Cod area since 1950.
  • • HBRAWM Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts has operated in Springfield, MA since 1939.
  • • NEBA North East Builders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts has been located in Tewksbury, MA since 1942.

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