Michigan Construction and Home Improvement Associations The Construction and Home Improvement Industry of Michigan is centered on many unique aspects. Michigan is able to supply many of the products used within this industry allowing this state to thrive and hold their own. With more than 70 percent of the land throughout Michigan being covered with lush trees and forests, rich lumber of many desired varieties can be obtained here. Pine, oak, cherry, and northern hardwood varieties are plentiful. Other products that hold much value in the Construction and Home Improvement industries including construction sand, gravel, masonry cement, magnesium compounds, crusted stone, and lime account for 96 percent of the nonfuel raw minerals mined throughout the state. These products allow for cheaper costs associated with the construction and building improvements encountered throughout Michigan, allowing the state to thrive in this market even during trying economical times.

Contractors in all areas of the construction and home improvement industries must have the knowledge and understanding of building in accordance with all weather conditions as this state does encounter harsh winter conditions and high levels of humidity during summer seasons. Most contractors throughout the state of Michigan must be licensed, certified, registered, and insured to provide services in a legal manner. There are many state based associations and trade bodies in place throughout Michigan for the various types of construction contractors to obtain membership through. Among the most popular associations include:


Architectural Contractors Trade Association (ACT) provides services to Union Contractors including Carpenters, Plasters, Lathers, Resilient Flooring Specialists, Drywall Finishers, and the supply and manufacturing companies they work with. This group works diligently to ensure that these professionals have access to continued training and knowledge related to their field of expertise. Some of the services that can be obtained by members within this elite group include access to construction safety products, Union agreement books that are jointly negotiated, scholarship programs, and career development through the "Make Trades Your Vocation" courses offered through this association. You can reach the Architectural Contractors Trade Association of Michigan by telephone at *810) 225-3327. You can email them at info@actmich.org. You can also write to them or visit them at 2524 Harte Drive in Brighton, Michigan 48114.

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Since 1957, the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council has helped to protect the working conditions, safety, and wages for unionized construction workers in Michigan. This organization is focused on providing balance between the relationship of building trades unions, contractors, contractor associations, lawmakers, and local and state government agencies throughout the state. There are more than 100,000 state licensed construction workers that depend on the services offered by the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council. Some of the services that are available through the MBCTC include jobsite safety advocacy, training and apprenticeship programs, marketing and communications, community outreach and fundraising, and political advocacy. You can contact the MBCTC at their Detroit office at (313) 965-5080, or their Lansing office at (517) 484-8427.


The Construction Association of Michigan, also known as CAM, was first founded in 1885. Started as the Builders Exchange of Detroit and Michigan, CAM is now the oldest and largest construction association throughout North America. Funded by annual dues and services fees paid by their members, CAM is a non-profit organization that is ran by its more than 3,000 member companies consisting of general contractors, specialty contractors, sub-contractors, and equipment and material suppliers. Construction service firms consisting of architects, attorneys, financial management, engineers, and others also possess membership in this association as well. The mission of CAM is to foster growth between its members and their publics in areas of construction services and networking. Learn more about the CAM Association through their online website at www.cam-online.com.


The Air Conditioning Contractors of America, is a member owned and operated association that provides services to contractors and service providers in the area of air conditioning and the HVAC industry. The services offered through this association can make a tremendous difference in the level of success their members experience within their company. This association provides continued and updated training, enrolled employee driver tracking, and regulatory and legislative tracking services among many others. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member within this association at their online website located at www.acca.org.

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