Minnesota Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThe State of Minnesota established a new contractor's law back in 1992. This law requires any contractor who improves or builds residential real estate must obtain a license. Before 1992, contractors were regulated at the local level. Contractors who are exempt from this law includes employees of a licensed contractor, subcontractors and architects. Minnesota's Department of Labor and Industry licensed residential roofers, building and home remodeling contractors. More information about contracting laws can be found by visiting their website at www.dli.mn.gov.

You will find a vast amount of information regarding lead requirements, residential building contractor license and enforcement and licensing actions. Consumers can find information about hiring a contractor, look up license and learn more about the home warranty dispute resolution process. Consumers can also read the guide about hiring a residential building contractor located on the website. The guide covers information on how to solicit bids, contract information, and how to understand a mechanic's lien.

Residential building contractors are given an exam that consist of 110 multiple choice questions. The contractor must score at least a 70 in order to pass the exam. The contractor is given a copy of the State Building Code for reference before the exam starts. You can also view the examination guide that is located on their website. The website also offers you the ability to renew your license online. You will find continuing education course listings online.

Roofing Contractors

In the State of Minnesota, roofing contractors cannot offer to pay insurance deductibles for homeowners. Residential roofing contractors must be licensed by the Department of Labor. Contractors who are exempt from the licensing requirements include owners doing their own work on their property, employees or subcontractors of a licensed roofer or architects who are performing work within their scope of practice.

The National Roofing Contractors Association is an organization dedicated to helping roofing contractors improve their skills and grow their business. They offer contractors networking opportunities, industry news and a variety of training programs. The NRCA keeps roofing contractors current on the latest roofing materials, products and services. NRCA membership benefits also include education, energy codes and technical bulletins. Sign up for their monthly magazine to keep informed of the latest roofing industry news. The bookstore is where you go to learn about different types of roofing systems, materials and techniques. Joining the NRCA is easy by visiting their website at NRCA. If you need roof work done you'll find NRCA's list of contractors in Minnesota here. Or get a fast quote from local roofing contractors on ESFS, especially for major cities such as Minneapolis and St Paul.

Electrical Work

Electrical contractors in the State of Minnesota must be licensed. You can find the licensing guidelines and requirements by visiting the Department of Labor's website. You will find a variety of helpful information that will help you study and prepare for the exam. There are also continuing education courses that can be found on their website. The Association General Contractors of America is a trade association dedicated to a variety of contractors.

Membership benefits include training, education and a variety of networking opportunities. The website can be reached at www.agc.org. You will find a searchable database of members, classes and national events. Read about the latest industry topics, news and media information and membership requirements on their website. You can also check out the AGC store where you will find a variety of helpful tools such as training manuals.

The Independent Electrical Contractors is a trade association that represents America's independent contractors. You will discover a vast amount of helpful information on their website. They are located in Alexandria, Virginia, and were founded in 1957. Membership benefits include advocacy groups, meetings and events and specialized training workshops.

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Home Remodeling Contractors

Home remodeling contractors who practice in the State of Minnesota must be licensed. When the time comes for you to renew your license, you will find everything you need on the website. You can also take continuing education courses, specialty classes and attend national conferences and meetings. Many home remodeling contractors choose to be a part of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

This organization gives you helpful advice on starting a new business, remodeling issues and networking opportunities. Homeowners are accustomed to visiting their website to find qualified contractors for their homes. You can visit their website at www.nari.org to learn much more about membership benefits. NARI also gives awards to its members for outstanding design and service. You will find a schedule of events that feature the conferences and meetings held throughout the nation.

NARI also promotes professionalism, public purpose and features the latest industry news about products and services. The news information lets you know about specific issues facing remodeling contractors at different times of the year. Networking opportunities will help you build your business into a successful one. The website is full of valuable information that helps remodeling contractors throughout the nation.

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