Mississippi Construction and Home Improvement Associations

The Mississippi State Board of Contractors is the department that handles licensing contractors. The licensing authority consists of 10 members who are appointed by the Governor. They are responsible for setting policies and licensing standards. The MSBOC is dedicated to protecting consumers and regulating the construction industry. The state has more than 12,000 licensed contractors in various industries. They also investigate complaints against licensed and unlicensed contractors. The MSBOC is located in Jackson, although contractors can apply for their license online. The website offers a variety of helpful information for both contractors and consumers.

HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors performing work in Mississippi are required to take two exams. One exam covers business and laws. The other exam concerns the HVAC trade. You must submit a financial statement that has been reviewed by a CPA. The financial statement must show a net worth of a minimum of $20,000. A HVAC contractor that is licensed in Mississippi is qualified to perform a variety of heating and cooling tasks. This also includes the ability to service fuel gas systems and appliances.

HVAC contractors are also eligible to perform work on ductwork and associated equipment. You can request an application for licensure by calling the Mississippi State Board of Contractors at 1-800-880-6161. HVAC contractors applicants must pay an application fee of $200. There are no HVAC license continuing education requirements for the state of Mississippi.

Reciprocity agreements exist between South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee and Louisiana. The testing exam consists of 80 questions that must be completed within four hours. The exam fee consists of two portions at a cost of $120 for each portion. Exam topics include insulation, vibration and seismic control and heating and cooling principles. Other testing topics are hangers and supports, heating equipment and load calculations. You can obtain study materials for the exams by visiting the MSBOC website.

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America is a trade organization that supports HVAC workers across the nation. Membership benefits include marketing, education and networking capabilities. You can find their website by visiting www.acca.org. There is a lot of information on the website that will help you improve your skills. Membership will also give you the ability to stay on top of the latest industry news and equipment. Consumers can find a qualified contractor in Mississippi by visiting their website.

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Electrical Contractors

The State of Mississippi requires Master Electricians to sit for two exams. These exams include testing questions on the trade, business and laws. You must submit a financial document that has been reviewed by a CPA and documents $50,000 minimum net worth. A licensed Master Electrician in the state of Mississippi can perform unlimited electrical work. The application and licensing fee is $200.

Mississippi has reciprocity agreements with other states including Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana and South Carolina. You must pass the exam with a score of at least 70 percent. The exam fee is $120, and must be completed within three hours. You can find study guides and books to prepare you for the exam by searching the Internet. Call the Mississippi State Board of Contractors for an application at 1-800-880-6161.

The National Electrical Contractors Association is an organization that promotes a high level of professionalism in the electrical contractor industry. You can learn more by visiting their website at www.necanet.org. Consumers can find a qualified electrical contractor in Mississippi by searching their database of members. Membership benefits include participating in educational programs, industry news and the latest energy solutions. There is an events calendar on the website that gives you the schedule for webinars, exhibitions and conventions.

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The State of Mississippi requires carpenters to pass a trade exam. You can obtain an application for license from the Mississippi State Board by going to their website at www.msboc.us.

The Carpenter's Helper is an organization that is dedicated to the carpentry industry. They build homes to donate to the United Way of Southeast Mississippi. Members are carpenters who volunteer their time to help build these homes. Visit their website to sign up for membership at www.carpentershelper.net.

The Associated General Contractors of America is an organization that promotes a wide variety of contractors. Membership benefits include networking opportunities, educational training and conferences. AGC is a trade association that has member chapters in a variety of states across the nation. You will find local chapters by going to their website at www.agc.org.

AGC of Mississippi is located in Jackson. You can reach them by phone at 601-981-1243 during normal business hours. Student chapters are also available in select colleges and universities across the nation. AGC Charities offers community support in a wide variety of communities located in America. They offer community assistance to individuals who have been affected by natural or man-made disasters.

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