Missouri Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThe Missouri construction industry is growing at a fast pace each year. Licensing information differs according to the county where you intend to work. The best way to find out the county rules and regulations is to visit the Secretary of State's website. You can find out about specific regulations that pertain to home improvement, HVAC and electrical contractors by going to www.sos.ms.gov. For example, if you want to learn how to become licensed in St. Louis, you would visit their website at www.stlouisco.com. You will find informative data about meetings and testing information for mechanical, plumbing and electrical contractors. You will also find the rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Examiners.

The state of Missouri requires contractors to obtain permits when there is land disturbance, electrical, plumbing or mechanical work done on residential or commercial properties. There is also a permit required for any building construction work. Most contractors who work in Missouri are familiar with the state's rules and regulations regarding licensing and permit requirements. However, if you are considering working in Missouri, then you should find out everything you can about the rules and regulations.

There are national organizations that have chapters in several Missouri cities such as the Associated General Contractors of America. Chapters of this organization can be found by logging on at www.agc.org. The association has lots of helpful tips and advice about working as a general contractor. You will also find training and educational opportunities. Annual conferences are a great way to network with other contractors from around the country. The website also offers the latest news and information about the rapidly changing construction industry. Joining a national industry offers a variety of benefits. If you join ACG, you can sign up for their free magazine by going to www.constructormagazine.com. Another advantage of membership is the fact that you can sign up for online or classroom training courses.

Home Remodeling

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry is the largest home remodeling association in the country. You can visit their website at www.nari.org. They offer online tools that make it easy to search for local professional remodeling contractors, and you can find national suppliers. This association offers its members networking opportunities through conferences and meetings throughout the country. You can find the Missouri chapters by logging onto their website. You will find NARI chapters in Kansas City and St. Louis. You can also view members and locate events throughout the state.

Read the latest news to stay current in the home remodeling industry. Homeowners can visit NARI to learn how to choose a remodeling contractor. A major advantage to joining this association is the fact that your company will be listed on their website. NARI members commit to a Code of Ethics that shows their dedication to professionalism and high-quality work. Homeowners have learned to trust contractors who are NARI members. Missouri NARI chapters monitor legislation, maintain a liaison with local builders and maintain technical libraries for its members. Click here to get quotes from renovation contractors in the state.

HVAC Contractors

The Missouri HVAC industry's most recognized organization is the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. This organization can be found online by logging on to www.acca.org. Membership gives you instant access to online education and safety training videos and courses. There is a Missouri ACCA chapter located in St. Louis. Homeowners can search for HVAC contractors by visiting their website. The St. Louis ACCA chapter updates its members on licensing changes. They also help HVAC contractors network with other members across the state.

The St. Louis chapter can be found by logging onto www.acca-stl.org. You will find a calendar of events, meetings and other helpful information pertaining to the HVAC industry. You will also find a helpful mentoring program where HVAC contractors can learn from other members with years of experience. Senior members will also help you with your marketing strategies. They have a team of legal, marketing and human resource professionals who work with their members.

You can also find and get estimates from HVAC contractors here.

Painting Contractors

The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America was started back in 1884. The main benefit from joining this organization is education. This organization is dedicated to providing its members the latest industry news and excellent educational opportunities. Members can enroll in the Contractors College by visiting their website at www.pdca.org. PDCA chapters are located in St. Louis, Kansas City and Chesterfield. Membership will also give you helpful business information to ensure your company thrives.

PDCA membership allows you the ability to attend meetings and network within the community. Their website has a helpful forums section where you can communicate with other members. This can help you learn more about building a successful painting contractor business. Forum members are helpful and forthcoming with lots of helpful information. PDCA members also enjoy helpful tutorial videos found on their website that help you learn to become a better painter.

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