Montana Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsMontana has strong construction and home improvement industries as well as important secondary industries such as mining. With products including decorative rock, gravel, concrete, and other such building materials being plentiful throughout Montana, industries such as construction and home remodeling are able to keep costs reasonable.

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Apprenticeship positions, training courses, and four-year degree programs are providing individuals with the opportunity to gain employment in areas of carpentry, construction, HVAC, and other job openings throughout Montana. These individuals will find that the construction and home remodeling employment opportunities are allowing them to gain opportunities that give them the ability to grow and advance within their career choice at a rapid rate. To ensure that the employment opportunities that are being filled are kept safe and secure for future generations, there are various professional associations and trade boards in place throughout the state of Montana. Some of the more popular organizations that can be found include:

Home Builders and Construction Contractors

The Montana Building Industry Association is a non-profit organization that is comprised of small Montana based building companies. These companies have created this organization in an attempt to ensure that the home building industry throughout the state is properly promoted and protected. With more than 2,300 members, the Montana Building Industry Association is one of the largest professional associations within the state. Individuals that choose to join this group are provided with safety training programs, product testing opportunities, leading edge technology news and information, community and legislative representation, and much more. To learn about the benefits that can be gained by joining the Montana Building Industry Association, you can contact this company by telephone at (406) 442-4479. You can also visit their online website at .


The Montana Contractors' Association, also known as MCA, is a Montana based chapter for the Associated General Contractors of America organization. This professional group represents contractors that work in all areas of commercial, industrial, and public works construction throughout the state. Members will have access to important information and resources that include workers compensation issues, healthcare benefits, training and continued education programs, community promotion, and more. It is the mission of the Montana Contractors' Association to ensure that the construction industry throughout the state of Montana operates in a safe and beneficial manner for all of its members. To learn more about the opportunities that can be gained through membership with the MCA, contact them by telephone at (406) 442-4162. You can also visit their online website at


Montana Mining Association - The construction and home remodeling industries throughout Montana depend greatly on the products mined within the state. To ensure that the mining industry operates in a safe and professional manner, the Montana Mining Association works diligently to ensure that its members have access to proper training and resources. This professional organization provides individuals that seek membership with their group with extensive safety training courses, advanced technology training, legislative representation, and more. To learn more about the benefits that the Montana Mining Association can offer for you and your company, contact them at (406) 495-1444. You can also visit them at for online information and to join their mailing list.

Logging Contractors

Montana Logging Association - The construction and home improvement industries of Montana are reliant on the success of the logging industry throughout the state. The Montana Logging Association is a professional association that offers family-based logging companies around the state with resources and services intended to keep this industry safe and well-established throughout Montana. This organization takes every aspect of the logging industry into consideration for the companies that obtain membership within the group and the communities throughout Montana as well. The MLA provides their members with safety and training courses, advancement programs, updated knowledge and service information, and future industry services. The MLA is continuously planting seeds throughout the state to ensure that the logging industry is in place for future generation. To learn more about the opportunities that the MLA is offering its members and the state of Montana, you can contact them by telephone at (406) 752-3168. You can also visit the Montana Logging Associations online website at to see the important role this professional association holds for its members and the Montana residents.

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