Nebraska Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThe Nebraska construction industry includes contractors in a variety of home improvement industries such as remodeling, HVAC and lawn services. There are several large organizations that help contractors network within their industry. Many homeowners simply do not want to hire a contractor that is not part of a large organization. These organizations exist to recruit contractors who hold a high set of standards regarding work and customer service.

When you need a contractor that you can trust to get the job done right, then contact an organization such as the Associated General Contractors of America. This unique organization helps contractors by giving them access to the latest news in the industry. They also offer courses and educational opportunities at conferences across the nation. You can visit their webpage at

You will find a chapter located in Lincoln, Nebraska. AGC of America has over 30,000 members located in cities throughout the country. You can easily find a calendar on their website that features expos and conferences several times a year. Their mission is to protect public interest and improve the quality of the construction industry.

Green Construction in Nebraska

The green construction industry in Nebraska is popular with a lot of homeowners. Home remodeling contractors learn about the latest green construction technologies through their trade associations. AGC offers a course for contractors that help them learn about building to green construction standards. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a government organization that has established high standards for green construction jobs.

Building to LEED ensures the homeowner that their home is energy-efficient and follows the highest standards found in the green building industry. Contractors can also take building to LEED courses at construction training schools and educational institutions. You can visit their website at

HVAC Contractors

Nebraska has a chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America located in Memphis, Tennessee. This chapter is known as the ACCA mid-south chapter. You can email the chapter executive at They do not have a chapter website, but you can visit the national website at

You will find lots of information about membership, benefits and courses. This organization is dedicated to improving the HVAC industry across the nation. The main website has a directory of its members, so homeowners can perform their own search. Joining this organization is a great way to network, and grow your HVAC business.

If you are looking for a HVAC Contractor you can get fast quotes from local pros in Omaha, Fremont, and other cities in Nebraska online.

Roofing Contractors

Many roofing contractors in the state of Nebraska find joining the National Roofing Contractors Association a valuable asset for their company. You can get more information by visiting their website at You will find lots of information about the organization and its mission. The organization was started in order to improve the roofing industry. They also help consumers find a roofing contractor located near their home.

The NCRA offers roofing contractors a variety of safety courses. They also keep contractors aware of the latest products and materials found in the roofing industry. Members enjoy many conferences and expos located throughout the country. They are also able to keep up with issues that face roofing contractors. The website also offers its roofing contractors the ability to take courses online. You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay informed of any issues or challenges within the state of Nebraska.

Many homeowners trust this organization to give them access to qualified roofing contractors. Members strive to give their customers honest estimates and high-quality work. The organization also keeps members informed of any changes or issues within the state and national legislation. You can apply for membership on their website.

Homeowners that need roofing work done can use this site to find qualified roofing contractors and inspectors

Home Remodeling Contractors

Home improvement contractors working in the state of Nebraska enjoy membership benefits in the Home Builders Association. This organization also has a home remodeling council located within the Lincoln, Nebraska chapter. They give their members the unique opportunity to build their business through networking opportunities and marketing materials. They work hard to improve the remodeling industry located in the state of Nebraska.

You will also find charitable activities and educational seminars that offer the remodeling contractors the latest industry news. This organization was the recipient of the BBB's 2006 Integrity Award. You can find their website by visiting . The Nebraska chapter's website is located at There is a calendar of events located on the webpage that gives you more information about meetings and events.

There are a variety of networking opportunities that exist once you become a member. The organization is dedicated to improving the home remodeling industry within the state of Nebraska. Many homeowners trust the organization to find a contractor. You will also stay informed about the latest industry changes or issues faced by its members. Whether a homeowner wants to build or remodel, they can easily find a trusted contractor by searching their database.

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