Nevada Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsNevada, like the rest of the United States, has been struggling through a home and commercial construction slump. In 2012, the state saw small signs of recovery as requests for building permits rose 50% in one year. The one thing that could slow down Nevada's recovery would be the higher regulatory costs home builders pay caused by Chapter 40.

Nevada's Chapter 40 protects the rights of the consumer, but, it has also raised home building and remodeling costs. The bill protects homeowners from defects caused by contractors during the building or altering of a residence. In many cases, the lawsuits are settled out of court by a liability insurance company, but, the resulting liability premiums in Nevada are much higher for builders.

Under Chapter 40, a contractor is not liable for damages caused by normal wear or deterioration, settlement, or defects disclosed to an owner at the purchase of the residence. But, contractors are responsible for flaws in the design, construction, manufacture, repair or landscape of a residence or commercial property. They are also responsible for physical damage to the residence or injury to persons.

The rise in liability insurance costs for contractors was brought about by the limited supply of liability insurance companies left in Nevada. Companies that offer contractors liability insurance are leaving the state for areas with more lenient laws. Companies that choose to stay in Nevada charge contractors higher premiums. This has made it difficult for small contractors to find affordable insurance compared to larger companies who can afford to self insure.

Finishing Contractors Association

The FCA is the largest organization for finishing contractors in North America. It represents contractors who work in the finishing trades. These include architectural, metal and glass drywall, floor covering, glazing and painting contractors. Their mission is to provide a safe working environment, promote education, accurate reporting for contractor's licenses, and respect for the laws and regulations contractors operate under.

The FCA offers finishing contractors a chance to discuss policies and future directives for the organization with fellow contractors statewide. The committee's network gives members a voice in issues such as training and retention and a chance to share experiences and practices with other contractors in their industry. The committee's members can also participate in government relations advisory, affiliate executives' council, business practices advisory, workforce advisory projects.

As a representative with local unions, the organization can customize services to benefit both labor and management. Through the FCA, finishing contractors are able to retain market share, save money, and operate under just regulations. FCA legislative consultants work to secure a stable future for finishing contractors through legislative monitoring, funding opportunities, and strategy development.

Nevada Landscape Association

The association was founded in 1990 by Northern Nevada Green Industry professionals to represent state landscape contractors in a united voice. The organization has tackled legal issues that could harm the industry. Their mission is to raise Nevada landscape standards through their Landscape Industry Certified program and through education, communication and community action. Through the NLA, members have a link to local contractors, state legislators and the ability to monitor regulations on employees, equipment, and financing.

The NLA Landscape Certification Program was formed in partnership with the Professional Landscape Network. It gives students a hands-on program located in 25 states to boost their proficiency in the landscape workforce. The program consists of five exams in hardscape installation, softscape installation, irrigation, turf maintenance, and ornamental maintenance. To earn the certification, the student must pass a general comprehension test, written test, and solve hands-on problems. Possessing the certificate tells Nevada consumers that a contractor has the motivation to improve their skills by learning new techniques and technologies. Contractors who possess the certificate can also obtain work on municipal projects.

You can use the NLA directory to find member companies or you can get an online quote for landscaping and lawn maintenance from a wider range of professionals here.

Roofing Contractors Association of Nevada

The RCAN was formed in 1999 as a a non-profit organization for roofers. They have two branches, one located in the north and the other in the south so both contractors in the Reno and Las Vegas areas have lobbing power against legislation that can influence their industry. Their ultimate mission is to make members statewide aware of the issues roofers in other areas of the state are facing.

The RCAN is affiliated with the Western States Roofing Contractors Association. The WSRCA holds an annual roofing contractors convention in Reno, Nevada. The convention is an opportunity for roofers to participate in seminars, exhibitions, demonstration and bond in solidarity with other roofing contractors.

Since its inception, the RCAN has partnered with other state organization such as the Nevada Contractors Insurance, to provide top worker's compensation and general liability insurance. And, the Nevada Subcontractors Association to give its members a stronger voice in Carson City.

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