New Hampshire

New Hampshire Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThe state of New Hampshire requires contractors who are involved with asbestos abatement, plumbing or electrical work to be licensed. Visit to learn more about working as a contractor in the state. You will discover the requirements for a variety of contractors on their website.

National agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration policies must be followed by all contractors. OSHA offers training for a variety of contractors including plumbing, roofing and electrical contractors. You can visit their website at to find a variety of safety courses and videos. OSHA also makes visits to work sites to ensure that companies and employees are following safety guidelines. Falls continue to be the number one hazard in the construction industry. OSHA has developed strict rules and regulations that companies must follow in order to be in compliance. You can find a lot of information on their website about safety hazards in the construction industry.

Safety in the workplace is taken seriously by most construction companies. They make sure their employees receive the proper training in order to avoid accidents. OSHA will investigate complaints by employees or their representatives regarding safety issues at the work site. OSHA is committed to providing safety training for all contractors and employees.


Carpenters have the opportunity to join a variety of organizations. The United Brotherhood of Carpenters offers its members learning and networking opportunities. You can visit their website at Carpenters can learn more about the latest products and materials in the industry. You will also keep current on the latest industry news that affects carpenters. The union was started in 1881, and its members total over 550,000.

The website offers a wealth of helpful information about the industry. You can search for regional training centers and councils online. The closest council to New Hampshire is located in Boston. The New England council can be found by going to They offer helpful information for carpenters who want to improve their skill.

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General Contractors

The Associated General Contractors of America is an association that offers a variety of benefits for carpenters. The AGC of New Hampshire is located in Bow, New Hampshire. The AGC offers its members leadership, strategic planning services and recognition programs. Members are encouraged to take advantage of everything AGC has to offer. The website offers information about industry topics, events and chapter information. The AGC also supports a variety of charities located throughout the nation.

Designers and Decorators

Designers and decorators who work in New Hampshire should consider joining a variety of organizations that support the industry. The American Society of Interior Designs can be found by visiting You will find bulletin boards, trade news and other helpful information about the industry. There is a knowledge center where you can read helpful articles to improve your skills. They also have educational programs, competitions and awards. The ASID supports designers and decorators throughout the nation. You are free to download their educational resources found on the website. Joining national organizations keep you up-to-date on the latest issues facing your industry. You can also network with others at meetings and conferences scheduled throughout the year.

The Interior Design Society is another organization where you can benefit from membership. Browse their website at to learn more about the many benefits of membership. They are an independent organization that has over 3,000 members across the nation. Visit the IDS online store for marketing materials, business and legal forms and design tools. The organization also offers its members the opportunity to become involved with legislation. You will find a helpful buyers guide that gives you information about industry materials, products and services.

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Electrical Work

Electrical contractors in the state of New Hampshire can join several national organizations to improve their skills and network with other electrical contractors. The Independent Electrical Contractors association is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. IEC is a trade association dedicated to its members. You can visit their website at They offer a vast amount of information that is helpful to all electrical contractors. You will find training tools, continuing education resources and the latest issues facing electrical contractors. You can sign up for membership on their website. IEC also offers apprenticeship programs for beginners. The website also gives you meeting and event information and schedules.

The National Electrical Contractors Association can be found by visiting their website at . You will find information about membership benefits, professional development and contractor resources. The NECA online store offers its members helpful publications to improve their skills, and learn more about the industry. You will find publications about government affairs, labor relations and marketing tools to grow your business. The association is dedicated to improving the electrical industry, and supporting its members.

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