Oklahoma Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsOklahoma is one of the states along tornado alley in the United States which helps make it one of the most active in the construction industry. The economy in the state fluctuates, but construction is almost always thriving. A recent study showed that Oklahoma is the most economical, or cheapest, state to live in within the United States. In 2012, there were $2.6 billion dollars paid to the construction industry. This is mainly because hospitals and schools, among several other major projects, are always trying to improve by remodeling specific areas. During the years of 2005 - 2008, the industry was at its peak in Oklahoma. A few years of economic struggle occurred following that with 2012 being a sign of better things to come.

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In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board is a hub of information where employers and homeowners can go to check the validity of a worker's license. On this website, homeowners, employers and contractors can visit to see what the newest rules and regulations are for their specific trade. The Oklahoma Construction Industries Board can be contacted by calling (405) 521-6550.

Oklahoma's AGC, The Associated General Contractors of America, is a place for general construction contractors to get advice from other members as well as provide training and education for a variety of trades in the industry. An education calendar is available on their website on the education calendar to show contractors what is available to brush up on their skills. The AGC of Oklahoma can be contacted directly at (405) 528-4605.

The American Subcontractors Association of Oklahoma represents contractors throughout the state. It is a non-profit organization. It is the only organization that works directly to address the needs and concerns of subcontractors. As an advocate, the ASA is the voice of this group. It can be contacted directly by calling (405) 315-5855.

Electrical Work

OKNECA is the Oklahoma chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. It works to promote higher standards in compliance with the ever-changing regulations of the industry. Safety of both citizens and contractors is always their biggest concern. OKNECA can be contacted via phone at (405) 848-8621.

IEC OKC, Inc. is an association for Independent Electrical Contractors of Oklahoma City. The recent shortage of electrical workers in Oklahoma caused a need for additional apprentices and workers. The always in demand industry works in coalition with this group to find those that are skilled in electrical work to aid in building and electrical innovations. The association can be contacted directly at (405) 319-0800.

MESO, or Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma, is a trade organization that works with each of the 63 municipally owned electric utility facilities within the state. It has a board of 11 members that work together to ensure that the electric is delivered to customers in an efficient way with technologies being developed to strengthen lines and improve delivery. MESO can be contacted directly at (405) 528-7564.


The Oklahoma Construction Industries Board also works within the roofing sector. Roofers can visit the website and visit the roofing contractors section on the Roofer's Information page. This will inform them of the Roofing Contractors Act and allow them to apply for a license. It also provides black and white rules for what is expected of a roofing contractor within the state. Homeowners and employers can search the database from the link mentioned here to verify certifications.

ORCA, also known as Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association, works to properly categorize roofers by specialty within the state for a proper pairing with homeowners and businesses. It also works to join the trade workers as one group. This group is the advocate for the roofing industry where unfair business practices or unfair labor practices may exist. You can contact them directly at (405) 603-4700 or via email at info@ORCAGROUP.org.

OPRA is the Oklahoma Professional Roofing Association. It serves as a place for employers and homeowners to find a qualified roofer for a specific job. It also acts as a hub for roofing contractors to find information for re-certification an additional education. Membership is free and it gives you access to members only content. The association can be contacted directly at (847) 299-9070.

Each of the associations and organizations listed above are dedicated specifically to the state of Oklahoma and the corresponding skilled trade listed. Each group is dedicated to helping contractors and homeowners so that jobs are completed safely and correctly. There are several resources available within each organization to further trade education and be informed of industry rule and regulatory changes.

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