Oregon Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsBetween the years of 2004 and 2006, the state of Oregon saw its biggest growth in the construction industry since the year 2000. The growth rates during those two years averaged 11-percent. Trouble for the industry began in 2007 and continued through 2009. In 2010, there was another drop in construction hiring to the tune of a 42.4-percent loss until things picked back up to stay on a small, but steady incline from September 2010. Yet it wasn't until 2012 that the industry started to see light at the end of the tunnel with more work becoming available.


The Oregon Contractors Association was founded by contractors. It was established in order to educate contractors in their respective professions with modern techniques and keep all members informed of legislation changes. They also work with the contractors to improve relations between each other and clients. This association can be contacted by calling (503) 932-2600.

The Oregon Columbia chapter of the AGC or Associated General Contractors began in 1922 to act as the voice for commercial construction industry contractors. There are over 1,000 companies and thousands of individual general contractors in this group. Developmental training is provided by AGC to students in the industry at their own AGC University as well. The promotion of educating construction industry workers is one of their priorities. AGC can be contacted by calling (503) 682-3363.

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Lawn and Garden

The Oregon Landscape Contractors Association is in place to help landscaping contractors grow their client bases along with informing the members of regulatory changes as well. This association also aids landscaping contractors to obtain licensing which makes them more appealing to clients. You can call OLCA directly by dialing (503) 253-9091.

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Cleaning Services

The Oregon Dry Cleaners Association works to improve the overall industry standards making new technologies available for specialty fabrics. This group also takes the time to work with stores to improve their operations and use modern techniques for a more gentle treatment of their client's clothes. Vocational training is also available to association members in the industry. ODCA can be contacted by emailing their Contact us page.

The Oregon Real Estate Inspectors Association works to ensure that properties are tidy on the outside to be presentable for sale or rental situations. Inspectors also look at the inside of homes to ensure that they are safe and free of code violations. Items such as mold, cracks in walls, stained walls and drooping ceilings are looked for. To contact OREIA for membership purposes or to seek the help of an inspector, use the contact form on this website.

ARCSI, Association of Residential Cleaning Services International, has chapters all over the United States, including in Oregon. The association is in place to help cleaning services obtain information set forth by legislation and provides them with a set of guidelines to follow for proper business practices. To become a member or gain the help of ARCSI, call the headquarters at (614)547-0887 or email chris@arcsi.org.

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In Oregon, a chapter of NECA, the National Electrical Contractors Association, is available in the Columbia area. It serves all of Oregon and part of southern Washington. The contractors in this association are able to get advice from skilled trade workers and association board members as well as aid in finding classes to further their education or re-certify. The association is dedicated to instilling quality values into each and every member as well as the crew of each business. You can contact the NECA by calling (503) 233-5787.

The Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon is an organization that represents electrical contractors in many aspects, even at a Government level. As legislation and regulations change, the IEC makes sure that all members and other contractors have this information so that their practices can be adjusted accordingly. Safety and integrity are the main goals of this association. IEC can be contacted by calling (503) 598-7789.

The IBEW Local 48 chapter is the Electrician's Union serving Portland and other areas within the state. The union ensures that electricians are performing their duties at a high standard and also ensures that licensing or required certifications are up-to-date. Along with these items, they also help journeymen and apprentices obtain the proper education. The IBEW Local 48 can be contacted by calling (503) 256-4848.

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The above organizations, unions and associations in Oregon oversee members to ensure that safety and integrity are always of the highest priority in each respective sector of the construction industry. Each trade has specific legislative and regulatory guidelines to follow as well as a general code of ethics. Contractors that require re-certification, refresher courses or complete schooling are able to obtain that schooling through these resources.

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