Pennsylvania Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsAs with many states in the US, Pennsylvania suffered a big blow to the construction industry in the years 2009 - 2011. This was after a 5-year high for the industry. Toward the middle of 2011, work began to rise steadily. The first half of 2013 showed a plateau with 230 workers per thousand employed persons being employed in the construction industry. For 2013 as a whole, the average was 226 workers per thousand employed persons being employed in this industry in one of several skilled trades.

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The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry makes uniform construction codes available on their website for workers in a variety of skilled trade areas. This includes what is required as far as certifications and third party associations as well. It also helps those that wish to further their education or take refresher courses in their trade to do so. To contact the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, select the right category from the list of branches on the website and call the corresponding phone number.

The APC, or Associated Pennsylvania Contractors, works to build relationships between workers, suppliers and companies to function together on projects of commercial status. It also helps companies to bid against larger companies to obtain work contracts. This association acts as the advocate between governmental agencies and local companies to form partnerships to complete projects as a team. The APC can be contacted by calling (717) 238-2513.

NEPCA or North-eastern Pennsylvania Contractors Association promotes the construction industry within the state of Pennsylvania. It is a non-profit organization. Both general and sub-contractors are a part of this association that covers the North-eastern part of Pennsylvania. They work with small companies to build their reputations and teach the workers the safest ways to perform their job duties possible. NEPCA can be contacted by calling (570) 655-5905 or by filling out the contact form on their website.


The Pennsylvania Building and Construction Trades Council is comprised of regional and local unions within the construction industry. On their website you can view the affiliates associated with each union. Each local union is also associated with an International union as well. To contact this council, call (717) 233 - 5726.

The Pennsylvania Builders Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to representing the needs of builders and construction workers statewide. The association is made up of a variety of workers from several corners of the construction industry from general builders to road construction crews. This association can be contacted directly by calling (717) 730-4380.

The Constructors Union of Western Pennsylvania works specifically with construction workers in the heavy aspects of the industry. This includes railway workers, utility construction and highway workers. Other trades that are focused on here are mason workers, operating engineers and pile drivers. To contact this union, call them directly at (412) 343-8000.


In Pennsylvania, SMANCA has a chapter. It is the Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association. There are four sections in Pennsylvania to work with contractors on a more personal level. The goal of this association is to provide workers in these industries with the tools necessary to enhance their businesses and educate their employees or contractors. SMANCA can be contacted directly by calling (717) 441-6053 or filling out the contact form on their website.

Pennsylvania Pipe Trades works directly with water and plumbing trades in the state of Pennsylvania. This includes pipe fitters, plumbers and sprinkler fitting industries. One of the goals of this association is to recommend legislation for these trades to protect the sanitation for all public forms involved. Thomas Gallo is the person of contact. You can fill out the contact form on their website to be in touch with him directly.

The PAPHCC, or Pennsylvania Association of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors, works hard to provide contractors in the HVAC industry to better their skills, promote their businesses and promote reliability in their respective trades. They also offer training tools and programs to increase their knowledge and help each contractor to improve or refresh their skills. You can contact this association by becoming a member of their website, from there additional contact information is made available.

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The organizations and associations mentioned above in the state of Pennsylvania work to ensure that all contractors have the tools to perform their jobs to their maximum capabilities. There are multiple education opportunities for apprentices to begin their careers as well as working with business owners to market themselves to the public and larger companies better. These tools available are beyond valuable in that they work to teach proper safety protocols, new technology and innovative solutions to older methods used. These groups are often the go-between for contractors and legislation.

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