Texas Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsTexas has a booming economy that offers thousands of jobs for construction workers, electricians and painting contractors.

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OSHA and Construction

The Occupational Safety And Health Administration is an organization that monitors this industry for safety practices. OSHA offers a variety of training tools for construction workers on their website. One of the largest areas of concern is the risk of falls at construction sites that are located high in the air. Construction workers are also at-risk when they work on public roads. Although traffic fines double inside these construction zones, accidents do frequently happen. Cranes and derricks offer another hazard for construction workers. OSHA is dedicated to ensuring that construction workers are properly trained for their jobs. You can visit the OSHA website by going to www.osha.gov to learn more about this important organization.


The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation issues electrician licenses in Texas. If you go to their website at www.license.state.tx.us you will find a list of approved electrical apprentice training programs. They also offer continuing education resources for electricians who need to renew their license. You can apply for an application on their website. The TDLR is also the place where people can file a complaint about a Texas licensed electrician. There is an abundance of open positions found on job boards on the Internet. Many industries in the state have a shortage of qualified electricians. If you are looking for an electrician or electrical contractor you can get quotes here.

Painting Contractors

Painting contractor jobs are found in the state of Texas in both residential and commercial industries. Many residents of the state rely on the Better Business Bureau's website to find information about painting contractors before they decide to do business with them. The BBB's website can be found by entering www.bbb.gov to learn more about a painting contractor. There website will give information such as the date the business started and whether there are any complaints listed. Homeowners can also get price quotes from local painting contractors using this site.

Roofing Contractors

Texas' relatively mild winters allow roofing contractors to work year round. They are often especially busy during the spring and summer months due to the hail and high winds the state experiences during these seasons.

The Better Business Bureau does an excellent job of monitoring these contractors. This organization gives visitors the helpful information they need to choose the best roofing contractor for their job.

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