Wisconsin Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsWhile the construction and home improvement industries throughout Wisconsin are not seeing the largest economic gains, they are definitely holding steady and strong. Most of the construction taking place in the state is due to the building of roads and bridges. However, these industries have noticed a lack of qualified contractors to fill vacant job positions in specialty service positions including welders, pipefitters, electricians, and more. In Wisconsin it is not necessary for a contractor that works in the construction or home improvement industry to be licensed by the state. It is necessary, however, if the contractor is not licensed or certified, for them to possess a building contractor registration with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Many people have the misconception that due to the plentiful amount of trees growing throughout the state of Wisconsin that this is one of the biggest suppliers of wood used in the construction and home improvement industries around the United States. In all actuality, it is the sand, gravel, and crushed rock that is mined throughout various areas of Wisconsin that is the real backbone for these industries. These mined products are used in the creation of cement, bricks, mortar, and other supplies necessary to complete projects of various sizes throughout all areas of Wisconsin. Residential, commercial, and industrial construction and remodeling projects that require these products to be used for their completion are within a more affordable range due to the ease of acquiring them without depending on out of area suppliers.

To ensure that employees that work within the construction and home improvement industries have access to safe and fair employment, there are many different professional industry associations and trade boards that are in place throughout Wisconsin. These organizations work to provide them members education and training opportunities, representation when faced with legislative issues and current knowledge and understanding of changes that take place within their own respective field of service. Some of the more reputable organizations that are available in Wisconsin include:


Building Trades Association - The Building Trades Association of Wisconsin is made up of companies within all areas of the construction and home remodeling industries. This company provides services that help their members build a more positive and successful experience within the state where their respective trade is concerned. Contractors will find the opportunity to obtain education, training, employment contracts, and more available to them through their membership in this organization. The Building Trades Association offers support and referencing for their members that can make a positive impact within the member's business as well. You can reach the Building Trades Association by calling their toll free telephone number at (800)326) 7800, or (800) 326-7900 to find out how this organization may be of benefit to you. You can visit their website at www.buildingtrades.com for a more in depth look at what this professional association has to offer their members.

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Construction and Home Remodeling

Wisconsin Builders Association - The Wisconsin Builders Association is a professional organization that provides individuals the opportunity to obtain membership when they work in areas of construction and home remodeling services industries. This organization works diligently to provide their members with regular publications that inform them of current trends, service practices, products, and legislative issues that have a direct impact on their respective field of service. Members can gain experience, education, training, advice, and more when they take advantage of their membership benefits through the Wisconsin Builders Association. To learn more about the opportunities that the Wisconsin Builders Association can offer to you or your company, you can contact them by telephone at (608) 242-5151. You can also visit their online website located at www.wisbuild.org to see for yourself all that this organization is doing for their members.

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Cleaning and Restoration Services

Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Association - The Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Association is a professional non-profit organization that promotes the services of cleaning and restoration companies to people within the general public. This group closely monitors the success rate and service offerings of their members to help them better achieve maximum success within their companies. They provide additional education, employee training, and more for companies and individual entities that join their group. They additionally act on behalf of their members when dealing with legal issues and legislative purposes that face these industries. You can reach the Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Association at (800) 236-7200 or (414) 389-8617 to find out more information concerning the specific benefits they can offer you or your company. You can also visit their online website at www.mcraonline.org.

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