Wyoming Construction and Home Improvement AssociationsThe construction industry in Wyoming took a rather large hit economically speaking in 2010. Since then, the state has worked to recover. With developments being made to state and local buildings, a revitalization of the industry has slowly increased demand. Today the construction industry is busy, from general building to lawn and garden experts.

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The Wyoming Construction Coalition is the voice of the construction industry across the state. The coalition represents members in government affairs, they network with other trades and employers to find work for contractors, and offer in-house apprenticeships to name a few items. You can contact the coalition directly by calling (307) 577-6460 to discuss issues, gain knowledge on industry regulations, find out how to become an apprentice or with any questions you might have.

ENR Mountain States is an organization that acts as an information source to the construction industry. The information available includes trending materials used, weekly Dodge reports and governmental issues regarding construction within the state of Wyoming. It also covers news in the industry around the United States. It primarily serves the states of Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Montana. To contact ENR Mountain States directly, please call (303) 756-9995.


The Wyoming OCA, Office of Consumer Advocate, represents the electric rate payers within the state. The goal of this office is to serve as the voice where public interest is concerned in all things electric related. This includes fighting for affordable rates, pushing energy efficiency and pushing the issue of electrician education in regards to new technology. The OCA can be contacted by calling (307) 777-5748.

The Wyoming Chapter of the IAEI, International Association of Electrical Inspectors, began in 1928. It is an organization of electricians and electrical inspectors that focus solely on safety. This includes educating existing electricians to use newer methods along with keeping them educated on the latest regulatory changes. To contact the IAEI directly, call toll-free to (800) 786-4234.

The WREA in Wyoming, or Wyoming Rural Electric Association, works as a group to provide electricity to 104,000 homes across the state. The goal is to deliver energy in the most efficient way possible and to educate electricians and homeowners on how to achieve maximum energy efficiency in the home. You can contact the WREA directly by calling (307) 634-0727 or by sending an email to wrea@wyomingrea.org.

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The WAC or Wyoming Association of Municipalities works with the Wyoming Trade Certification board to ensure that all contractors are properly certified in their area of expertise. The association is broken up into groups to properly dedicate an ample amount of time to each trade area. To contact WAC in order to schedule testing, ask about training or to become a member, call (307) 632-0398.

The Wyoming Contractor's Association is in place to support contractors of all industries and help represent them during times of conflict. Members of this association are also members of the American General Contractors Association. It also helps to educate contractors and assist those that are new to the industry to find work, gain proper certifications from electrical requirements to lawn and garden professionals and be up to date on current regulations within the state. The Wyoming Contractors' Association can be contacted directly by sending an email from this form on their website.

The above references in the state of Wyoming work to better the education of contractors in specific fields as well as pair them with the appropriate project. Some are dedicated solely to educating apprentices and working as an advocate when turmoil arises. Safety is the most important concept taught to contractors in Wyoming.

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